Monday, 16 April 2012

Demdem isn't dreaming.

Hey Ho Let's Go!

Here I am, posting pictures of myself :P

Finally had some pictures taken of me wearing this Nadinoo dress.
I was so looking forward wearing this without a cardigan, but oh dear it was chilly!

 Anyways, here are the photos of me from my trip.

As you have already noticed, I had been carrying my camera all the time.

I haven't really taken any pictures with an DSLR outdoor for so long time.
Since having an Iphone, I don't carry my cameras out at all, until this trip, woops...

Utopia exists.

Never thought my next post would be after 2012 when I last updated. It is already mid April as well.

Time does fly.

Things change, people change, places change.

You don't realise how small you are until you see how big the world is.


------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thira ----------------------------------------------------------------------

I finally made my way to Santorini, Greece. 
It had been a dream since I watched "the sisterhood of the travelling pants".
 I told myself I had to visit that place one day, 
to see those blue and white houses, to see the bluest sky and sea, to see the kindest people. 

It all came true. 

The day I arrived was quite chilly, and it was raining a little.
 I almost died inside because all i brought with me were summer outfits. 
Lucky enough the sun came out in the afternoon. 
It was still windy but being surrounded by the breathtaking view,
I just had to forgive the weather :P

 Me and my friend stayed in Thira, I think it is also called Fira.
The first few pictures were taken around our hotel,
then we went to Kimari Beach. 

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Kimari Beach -------------------------------------------------------------------

The beach was really quiet, 
perhaps because it wasn't summer time yet?

It took about 15 to 20 mins from Thira to the Kimari Beach,
but we decided to walk on our way back.
Just so we could see more.

Seriously it took us 4 hours to walk back.
It got really cold at the end, but we would have missed so much if we didn't walk.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thira -------------------------------------------------------------------------

If only I could wake up and see this view every morning.

This was the hotel we stayed.
The owner was such a lovely guy, really funny and friendly. 
The hotel was clean and pretty, I wish I had taken some pictures of our room now.
The view outside the hotel was amazing.

After some breakfast, we decided to walk around Thira,
and then take the bus to Oia- the other end of the island.

This restaurant was recommended by the owner of our hotel.
Believe me, food was blessing! The owner of the restaurant was so funny and kind as well.
My friend didn't have cash on her, and I said I might not have enough to pay both of us,
guess what the owner said?

He said, "don't worry about it, you can pay me tomorrow or anytime you come back."

Can you believe it? I was so surprised, in a happy way.
We ended up having two starters, two main courses, and two drinks.
Only cost us 35 euros with tips, which I had in my pocket :D

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oia -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Oia was soooooooo gorgeous!!!
You can tell from my pictures, can't you?
I would definitely get married there, have my honey moon there. 

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thira again ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Let's see the sunset :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, and I didn't bore you with so many of them.
Will do a post with myself in the pictures :)