Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Perfect GET-AWAY.

Me and my lovely boyfriend had to say good-bye to each other too, because I had to come back to China and he had to go back to Spain for the 3 months summer holiday. We had planned to go away for a few days when I finish my internship. I always heard from others how lovely York was, so we decided to go to York for a few days as a treat. York has some really gorgeous parks. Rafa and me didn't spend much time in city centre. For us, being outside of town felt more relaxing, especially when there were beautiful flowers and green green grass. The photos we took were mainly in the parks, you will see loads flowers because I am so obsessed with them. I can't tell you enough how beautiful they were in real life. We discovered a "secret park" when we were walking along a river from the hotel to the city centre. It was not even in the map we got from the Info Centre. Anyways, I have selected some photos from the 500 we took for you to have a look :)
This was the first restaurant we went. They had really nice view in the yard.

Even the ducks were enjoying the sun :D

I love white roses so much, much more than red. Then is white lily.

This is the secret garden I mentioned before. This gate made the whole place look so graceful. 

There were no photographers, we could only take pictures of us with the timer :P

These flowers look so alike with the Nadinoo Spinning Teacup Dress print!!!Don't you think?!

Sometimes Rafa can be quite romantic, like, he picked a flower and hide it behind and put it on my head when i wasn't aware :) But I know it is wrong to pinch flowers, opps.

Daisies are really cute too!!!

Went to another park, this one was in town.

It was quite cold, do not let the English weather fool you!!! I had to wear Rafa's sweater :(

Hehehe, now you see the handsome one :D

Beautiful sunset.

Photo above: 
Scarf: Vintage
Cardigan: H&M
Top: Taobao
shorts: a shop in Shenzhen
Tights:  Comme ca ism
Clutch: Vintage
Shoes: Office

We didn't do any shopping.
We just walked a lot, ate a lot, and relaxed a lot.
Every year me and Rafa go on a trip together, no matter if it is far or near.
We love spending time on our own, in a city we don't know.
There is a saying, travelling is about leaving a city you are sick of and going to a city others are sick of.
Black humour :P
We Longed for a get-away for too long, now we got it and we made it the way we liked.
Looking forward to our next trip! 

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Good bye, my friend.

Hey darling! It was the last day seeing you in Manchester. Since your student life here had come to a closure, I had to say good-bye to you. I know it was upsetting, you will so be missed, but hey, we will be friends forever, and you know that, right? 

You looked so beautiful that day sweetheart. I enjoyed so much putting make-up on you, just liked the old days when I did photo shoots with you. Looking at these photos I took that day, I am a bit sad, but glad at the same time. I have mentioned to Rafa so many times that I am going to miss you so much when I return from the summer holiday in China. Who will I go shopping with in Manchester? Where will I find a model as comfortable to communicate with like you? Who am I going to talk to when I need someone to spit the bitter bits? Oh dear, I am not being too much, I just know how much I will miss you, as a friend, a listener, an adviser etc. Surely we will be in touch, through the internet, web cam or whichever way possible, yet we both know it won't be the same. It has somehow made our friendship more valuable. You must come visit me, as you promised. I will definitely see you sometime in Mallorca too. Before then, please take care of yourself, and do whatever you love to do.

Next time when I go to this little park, it will reminds me of you. It was fun to do photo shoots with you, as usual, you know. Hope you like these photos I took. 


I know you will do fine and be very happy in Spain. Hope this is the path you really want. I will support you, and please let me know if you need my help anytime. 

Leaving a country where you spent three years must be so hard and emotional. Be happy though, it will be such a good memory, and an amazing adventure of your life. It is not in everyone's journey, but yours. Keep going, after this stop, there will be plenty more to come, how exciting!

Don't be sad hun, please keep smiling, you know you will be "there" one day.

Dedicated to you Sara, my dear friend.