Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pieces of my life :)

Dear everyone,

I haven't been active with the blog, so sorry about it. Ever since I moved to my new home, I have been very very very lazy with everything. I only managed to do my first cleaning in the flat yesterday after being here for 2 weeks now? Luckily I have my lovely boyfriend, always keeping things in place, otherwise, i guess I would be living in a jungle. Hahaha. Yet my closet is still a mess, and I keep buying things. I bought a lovely vintage blouse yesterday when I was only meant to go to the bank to change address and buy some cleansers for the toilet in a supermarket. I just couldn't help it you know. I will show you a sneak of it now. errrr....I know it is such a horrible picture, but I sure will show you a better picture of me wearing it. It is only £8 pounds! I love the bow I love the bow I love the bow!!! Some of my friends can't understand my taste nowadays. I am just so into vintage now, especially after watching the Mad Men series. I wish myself was born in a different era, oh dear...

Now just to show you a bit of my life lately. Enjoy! 

Sometimes when the sky is blue in Manchester, I like my life here a little more.

Me and my cutie boy :P

I have a little habit, I always take a photo of myself before taking off my make-up.
Do you think it's weird? hehe

Oh yeahhh, the moving day. 
It was too mental, I trust now, I got too many things.
I would really love to trash some away, but where to start?!!!

The day I went to London! :)

I was so amazed by the yellow fields on my way to LDN.
Isn't that beautiful to see when you are on the train?

Me and my old college friend Juliya. :)
I hadn't seen her for two years, and we had loads to chat!!!

This plate in the Liberty store was £75, what can I say?!!

Look at Juliya fell in love with those clogs. 

was gonna have a picture with Liberty, but errrr....not a successful one. :P

Dinner in YUZU, a Japanese restaurant in Manchester China Town.
I must say, and admit, this place serves the best Japanese cuisine in Manchester.
You must try if you like Japanese food, and wanna have a real taste of it.

Fall in love with Plum wine, so lovely lovely lovely XD

A night to see some art!

It was Rafael's end of the year 1 exhibition, of course I gotta attend.
I was wearing a T-shirt and this skirt you see in picture at day time at work.
Then I took the t-shirt off and pull the skirt up as a dress.
Clever huh? My 10 minutes change over!

This is Rafa's work, it has a very deep meaning behind it, yet I will leave it for you to think. :P
I am just being lazy to explain, haha.

Anyway, I will post again very soon, for my friend's collection. 
I just feel like doing the entire post about her collection, hehe. 

Have a good day! love you, xoxo.