Saturday, 26 February 2011


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Missha nail care+ Urban Outfitters nail polish

Hello everyone!
I am going to show you how I normally do my nails. 
I am not a nail polish expert, because I have hated my hands since I was little.
But nowadays I fall in love with nail polish so easily because there are so many amazing colours!!!
(wish I had girly hands :( )

I normally start with filing my nails with a 4-way file from the Body Shop.
I have a green one, but sorry I forgot to take a picture.
This is just a picture I took from their website.
Believe me, I love this block! It's so useful. 
I used to have one from NevO. But it was old so I just bought a new one from TBS.
It's as good anyway.

It's very easy to use, you just follow the 4 steps on the file.

Then you have nails like these!
Your nails will be shiny after you use the step 4! :)
I sometimes just leave them like that.
They just look clean and shiny!

I normally cut my nails afterwards. But they are fine and still short today anyway.
So I just put some Cuticle Oil which was bought from NevO on the skin around my nails, 
and massage them.
It is a very good product! It soften the skin around my nails, and helps with the dryness as well.
I have extremely dry hands, and the skin my nails are horrible.
I find this very helpful. I should use more often though.

Then I put a Missha base coat on.
Missha's nail polish is one of my favourite nail polishes,
because they are easy to apply and dry super fast.
Unfortunately I don't think they are sold in the Uk.

(I took these pictures after I painted my nails :P)

Look at the bottom of the bottle! How cute!

Then I put a denim blue colour from Urban Outfitters,
they do some amazing colour from UO.
They are quite pricey fro me though (£6)
But I absolutely adore this colour!

What do yall think?!!! You like the colour?

Then It is top coat! From Missha too! But this is an old version. 
They used to be all flower shapes :)
I think Top coat is essential because they will make your nail colours last longer.
Of course you will need to wait longer for them to dry.
When you have the time and if you want them to last longer, do it!
And I love the smooth touch of it after apply :)

These are the items I used!

Good night! xx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Introducing you to Demo's Wonderland!

Hello everyone! 
(Actually it is just me at the moment and I know it lol..)

I don't actually know what to put to begin this new blog. :( You know, I don't want to define this blog as a style blog or a make-up/skincare blog. I actually just want to share my life with the world and hoping to see some reactions too. I guess that's why I call it Demo's wonderland? A place where I could express my life, what I do and what I like? And.....Who I am? Maybe? So I would say...anything could be in this blog, anything about me, my love for food, photography, fashion, make-up, skincare...everything. But for this post, I am just going to post a couple of pictures of myself. Just to get it started I suppose! 

Yay!!! This is me!!!
I did this little heart shape lips just for fun, but I did go out to shops with it. I loveeeeee it! Everything with heart shapes is just so adorable! I am going to get those heart shape things in Paperchase soon because Valentine's day is gone and I guess they would have a sale??? :P

And yes! My mushroom head! I have recently had my hair cut! Loving it too!!!
I secretly want to go shorter but you know, my boyfriend is one of those typical type of guys who love their girlfriends with long smooth hair...


Just a little picture of myself in the mirror so you can see how short I am? lol :P

See you! xx