Thursday, 6 October 2011

Exciting bits in my life right now!

Last year of university is really tough.
It is only the 2nd week back,
but it seems restless with all the workload and pressure.
However, I am not complaining.
It keeps me busy, and It always feels good for me to have something to hold on to.

Just to show you a sneak peek of our studio and sewing machines, 
also a bit of books from the library. :)

Hmmm...yeh, I am such a fussy person.
Look at my wardrobe.
"Neat" is what I want the most!

I am still really in love with my vintage bow blouse.
Pair it with the lovely short jacket which has cute scollop edging is just so delightful!
These tights I bought from China do make my legs look a bit slimmer, don't they?

Hehehe, 2 seasons on me. Winter? or Summer?

Loving this trench coat lately!

Okay, now is time for me to show my new favourites!
Two Nadinno dresses I bought from Nadinoo's AW10 SALE!
They were always my favourites from the AW10 when I was interning there.
While I was away in the Summer, I found out there was a sale going on with the AW10 collection.
I just couldn't resist to brighten my wardrobe with them!

I went to Nadinoo studio to pick up my dresses on Tuesday morning.
The most exciting thing is not just me picking up the dresses,
it is also for me finally get to see and touch the AW11 collection!!!
I can't tell you how lovely they are!
All the pieces are beautifully made, and the prints, THE PRINTS!!!
Oh well oh well, have a look at the Autumn beauties and you know what I am on about!

I am promising myself that I will finally get one or two babies from this collection.
I must get the white birdie print blouse or have it in a dress. 
I am totally mad about it!
Remember the day when we opened the fabric rolls in the studio,
I was so amazed by the touch and this particular print.
Liberty print has done a really good job this season, 
and so did Nadinoo!
What a wonderful combination!

I can't wait for Nadinoo to have its own boutique someday,
because I believe it will be so lovely to see the garments, try them on, 
and have a beautiful package when you decide to bring the sweetest garments home.
It will be a happy shopping experience, I am sure!

Nadia was so lovely to wrapped the dresses and put them nicely in a bag for me.
Of course, with the Nadinoo stickers on. 
I have collected a few of them already and put them in my wall at home. :P

Okay... I was supposed to go back to university straight away,
but I had to go home and try them on!!!
And I was so happy so happy to wear the Plume mini dress!!!
I am not lying to you, this lovely is just so flattering and so comfy to be in it.
Anyway, I will have some better photos taken someday.
I am actually wearing it at the moment, went to uni in this dress today :D
But I don't have anyone to take pictures for me, will have to wait I am afraid.

There you go, the Penna dress, it is sold out now. I am so happy I own one!
It is a dress that makes you wanna dance.

Lately I am doing a uni project about a GARMENT. 
Any garment in the world.
I have chosen to do the outfit that Khalkha Mongol married woman wear.
This is a drawing I have done based on what they wear.
I will show more as it goes on. :) 

This is a sample I made today inspired by the Khalkha Mongolian wife.

Enjoy your evening everyone!
I will post next time with more interesting stuff.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

I am back!

I have been back home for almost three months, 
and bad enough that it was not allowed to access blogspot, facebook, twitter etc. in China. 

So I haven't been able to update at all.
Or maybe it is just an excuse for me not to update? :P

Today I went to a vintage fair which was hosted in a gallery in my University.
It was so lovely, I must show you the pictures!
It was just so fascinating seeing cute things!

After having a big delicious muffin, me and my friend went to a magic place!
It brought us back to the olden days.
It was like another world in there, so dark, so magical!
I felt that I could live there and not come back to real life.

Sorry for such a short post, but hope you did like the pictures!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Perfect GET-AWAY.

Me and my lovely boyfriend had to say good-bye to each other too, because I had to come back to China and he had to go back to Spain for the 3 months summer holiday. We had planned to go away for a few days when I finish my internship. I always heard from others how lovely York was, so we decided to go to York for a few days as a treat. York has some really gorgeous parks. Rafa and me didn't spend much time in city centre. For us, being outside of town felt more relaxing, especially when there were beautiful flowers and green green grass. The photos we took were mainly in the parks, you will see loads flowers because I am so obsessed with them. I can't tell you enough how beautiful they were in real life. We discovered a "secret park" when we were walking along a river from the hotel to the city centre. It was not even in the map we got from the Info Centre. Anyways, I have selected some photos from the 500 we took for you to have a look :)
This was the first restaurant we went. They had really nice view in the yard.

Even the ducks were enjoying the sun :D

I love white roses so much, much more than red. Then is white lily.

This is the secret garden I mentioned before. This gate made the whole place look so graceful. 

There were no photographers, we could only take pictures of us with the timer :P

These flowers look so alike with the Nadinoo Spinning Teacup Dress print!!!Don't you think?!

Sometimes Rafa can be quite romantic, like, he picked a flower and hide it behind and put it on my head when i wasn't aware :) But I know it is wrong to pinch flowers, opps.

Daisies are really cute too!!!

Went to another park, this one was in town.

It was quite cold, do not let the English weather fool you!!! I had to wear Rafa's sweater :(

Hehehe, now you see the handsome one :D

Beautiful sunset.

Photo above: 
Scarf: Vintage
Cardigan: H&M
Top: Taobao
shorts: a shop in Shenzhen
Tights:  Comme ca ism
Clutch: Vintage
Shoes: Office

We didn't do any shopping.
We just walked a lot, ate a lot, and relaxed a lot.
Every year me and Rafa go on a trip together, no matter if it is far or near.
We love spending time on our own, in a city we don't know.
There is a saying, travelling is about leaving a city you are sick of and going to a city others are sick of.
Black humour :P
We Longed for a get-away for too long, now we got it and we made it the way we liked.
Looking forward to our next trip!